Pride & Diversity

Pride & Diversity

We all have the right to safety.

It’s just after 6am on a Saturday and I’m sitting on my back porch. Coffee in hand, heavy blanket on my lap. It’s a cool May morning.

I can hear the hum of the neighbours air conditioner, already turned on for the season.

I can hear the distant sound of traffic on the nearby highway growing louder, then quieter as the vehicle passes near my house.

I can see my dogs playing in the yard before me — Dozer happily chewing on a stick; Diesel sniffing out the perfect spot to relieve her bladder.

Beyond them playing in the yard is a small swath of forest.

In reality, it’s only about 300 feet wide at its widest point behind my house. Past there is a seniors retirement village. That neighbourhood is not exactly a cacophony of excitement, even on the most beautiful evening.

With that reflection, I laugh. Just last summer one of the residents back there shouted (as they couldn’t see us) for us to ‘turn down the music!’ at 3pm on a Saturday while our kids were in the pool. Ooops.

When the swath of forest fills in with leaves, the buildings beyond disappear and, other than the air conditioning and traffic, it’s easy to imagine that we are miles away from civilization.

At this time of the morning, it’s especially peaceful.

The rabbits have returned and, just like last year, I can see no less than three of them hunting for clover. It’s easily found in my backyard.

A pair of wrens are busily flying to and from the birdhouse my daughter built with her grandfather a couple of years ago. I wonder if they are the same ones as last year?

Squirrels are chasing each other through the trees, hopping onto the roof of our shed and hopping off onto a different branch.

This is my favourite time.

This is my peace.

This is what makes my home my favourite place to be.

Isn’t that exactly as it should be?

Until next time……………………………….XO-JGF